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Webster, Pregnancy & Pediatric Chiropractic

Why I chose to get certified in Webster Technique & Pediatric Chiropractic

In October of 2021, my wife and I welcomed our beautiful baby girl to the world.  Throughout the pregnancy I was treating my wife until the point where normal chiropractic treatment became uncomfortable and did not work for her.  At that point we looked for other pregnancy specialized chiropractor in the area through the local birth community to no avail. 

One weekend a friend of mine who specializes in Webster Technique came down to visit us and she treated my wife. BAM! My wife had such great relief and that's what inspired me to get my Webster Technique Certification.  I wanted to be able to provide for the pregnant community of this area.  Once our daughter was here I also saw the need to learn Pediatric chiropractic in greater detail since they can go hand in hand which I did.

APEX Performance Chiropractic & Rehab
APEX Performance Chiropractic - Webster Technique

What is the Webster Technique & Pediatric Chiropractic?

Webster Technique focuses on the mother, sacrum and pelvis.  Looking to find balance of both sides of the pelvis and create more space for the little one to grow and develop. Reducing the stress on the mother and the body also helps to create that balance.  For babies, the birth can sometimes be a traumatic experience for their body and chiropractic can help to restore their balance and function. Throughout the stages of life from newborn to infant to child to adult, life causes its stresses to the body and treatment can help to reduce those stresses. Click the link below to learn more.

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